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Publication: February 23, 2024 8:01 PM

Latest Update:16 de September de 2023

Angola: NGO asks the President for investigation against Supreme Court judge

Text by: Lígia ANJOS

Supreme Court of Angola. © lusa

The Pro Bono Angola association calls on the Angolan President to pay attention to the allegations made against the presiding judge of the Supreme Court, Joel Leonardo. The Angolan NGO asks João Lourenço to open an investigation” to determine the veracity of the information”.

“We draw attention to the current state of justice, more specifically to the information that circulates around the figure of the judge advisor president of the Supreme Court and how he is allegedly involved in less than good practices, in relation to the role he performs in the court”, explains the President of the Pro-Bono Association, an organization dedicated to human rights and transparency issues in Angola, Bartolomeu Milton.


In a statement, the Angolan non-governmental organization (NGO) expresses “concern” about “the numerous and constant anonymous complaints (some even known)“, from “various strata of Angolan society, related to the person of Dr. Joel Leonardo”.


The Association for the Good of Angola repudiates the state of the justice sector, “as it is a fundamental pillar for the solidification of the democratic state and the rule of law in Angola”.


The Pro Bono Angola association appealed to the Angolan President, as the highest magistrate, to “take control of the situation and, using his powers, take the necessary measures to investigate the information circulated and to find the best solutions to solve the problem”, he describes.


The President of the Pro-Bono Association, an organization dedicated to issues of human rights and transparency in Angola, Bartolomeu Milton, makes it clear that there are “complaints, documents in which the judge advisor president of the Supreme Court practices acts of management” and recalls that “there are questions surrounding the fairness of this status. It is alleged that there is nepotism, corruption and a series of practices that are neither commendable nor recommendable for an institution of such high importance, as is the case of the Supreme Court”.


The Pro Bono Angola association considers it to be “urgent that trust in institutions, and specifically in the judiciary, is not broken. The judicial sector is expected to take active action in the fight against corruption and illicit practices and cannot be the result of complaints which comes, precisely, in the opposite direction, from what its mission is”.


Source: RFI

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